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How Often Should You Clean Your Windows

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How Often Should You Clean Your Windows


There is nothing quite as depressing as a dirty and grimy window. A clean window on the other hand allows you to get a clear view of the outside world and it also facilitates the entry of warm sunshine into your home. All this helps to keep you in a good mood and it also helps to improve your comfort levels at the same time. Therefore, it pays to understand how often you should window clean.


The Many Benefits of Clean Windows

Keeping your windows clean can benefit you in many ways. First of all, clean windows give your home or office a face lift. Clean windows also create a good first impression and they show that you are a responsible owner who likes to keep things neat and clean. A home with clean windows looks better maintained and clean. The same is the case with business premises.


Cleanliness Makes you Feel Better

People living in enclosed spaces often feel better when there is plenty of sunshine entering their enclosed spaces. On the other hand, if very little light enters a home it will make the inhabitants feel more depressed and even suicidal. Windows that are smudged and which have dirty stains cut out the light and this will adversely affect your mood. In an office setting it can have serious consequences as visitors and clients will feel depressed at the state of your office and its windows. When you let in sunshine you are making the interiors look and feel more bright and warm as well as cheerful.


Weather conditions and individual inclinations

If you are wondering how often you should window clean, well that depends on your environment. The local weather conditions have an effect on the frequency with which you can window clean. Your inclinations will also have an effect on the frequency with which you should window clean. For business owners, it pays to clean the windows at least once every 2 weeks. For homeowners, it pays to clean the windows, as often as it makes you feel clean. The recommend frequency is cleaning the windows every six months.


Local weather conditions can determine whether you need to clean windows more than twice a year. People living close to the sea will notice that salt may start sticking on the windows. This can corrode the windows, which is why it pays to clean windows at least once in a month.


Some people like to keep things very clean while others are not so particular. If you are very fastidious about cleanliness then you will want to clean windows as often as is possible. The same holds true for people who have outstanding views from their windows. However, if the windows are positioned in a corner or if they overlook a dingy street, then there is no need to window clean very often.


The best time to window clean is when weather conditions are dry and perfect. We generally like to clean windows once every six months. Just make sure that you do not try to clean windows in the winter months or in the rainy season. The bottom line is that it pays to regularly clean windows as that prolongs the life of the windows and it makes your home look clean and hospitable.